GMP and Research-grade Vector Production

Manufacturing Biotherapeutics to GMP standard for clinical trials can be one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome. Below are a number of facilities capable of manufacturing clinical and pre-clinical grade therapeutics including plasmid, oligonucleotides and viral vectors. There are also a selection of facilities capable of conducting the range of tests necessary to meet safety standards.

Aldevron Alembic Amsterdam Molecular Technologies
Angel Bio Avecia Biologics Avigen
Bio Products Laboratory Biogenova Bioprocessing Technology Institute
Bioreliance Ltd Biotec Distribution Wales Limited Boehringer Ingelheim RCV
Brammer Bio Cancer Research UK CellGenix
Celltec Clinical Biomanufacturing Facility, Oxford Cobra Biomanufacturing
Covance Eden Biodesign Ltd Emergent Product Development UK Limited
EUFETS AG Eurogentec s.a. FinVectors Vision Therapies
GeneArt/Genovac Genethon Genethon
Genzyme Limited Henogen Henogen
Introgen Invitrogen/Bioreliance Lentigen
Lonza Biologics Microsafe BV Molmed
NHSBT, Clinical Biotechnology Centre Npil Pharmaceuticals (UK) Limited Omnia Biologics, Inc.
PacificGMP Plasmid Factory Polyplus-Transfection
Powell Gene Therapy Centre, University of Florida Protherics UK Limited Qbiogene
Qiagen Quintiles Limited Rentschler Biotechnologie
Targeted Genetics TBF Tissue Engineering Texcell (Pasteur Institute)
The Goldyne Saved Institute of Gene and therapy, Jerusalem, Israel

Ucb Celltech

Vector Biolabs





Viral Vector Production Unit