European Society of Gene and Cell Awards

The European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy is pleased to announce the call for nominations to its Achievement Awards.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Candidates must be Members of the European Society for Gene and Cell Therapy.
  2. Candidates must be nominated by two (or more) ESGCT Members.
  3. Candidates must have conducted original research in basic science, technology development and/or clinical translation in the field of Gene and Cell therapy.
  4. Awardees must be available to give a presentation of their work at the ESGCT Annual Congress.

Award-specific eligibility criteria for applicants to:

The travel grants

Must be PhD students or first post docs and will be selected based on highest abstract score at the Annual ESGCT Congress.

The Young Investigator Award

All young investigators from PhD through to 9 years post doc are now eligible to apply for the Young Investigator Award. Extension of this period may be allowed in case of eligible career breaks: Maternity or paternity leave (1 year per child born after the PhD award), leave taken for long-term illness, national service, leave taken for unavoidable statutory reasons (e.g. clinical qualification). The cumulative eligibility period should anyhow not surpass 12 years following the award of the first PhD.

*For medical doctors, date of the clinical speciality completion is the time reference for calculation of the eligibility time-window. For MD, PhD, date of the PhD award takes precedence in the calculation of the eligibility time-window.

The Outstanding Achievement Award

Must be an established researcher who has made a long term contribution to the field. The winner of this award will also be eligible for the Breakthrough investigator award when a significant breakthrough has been made which will be rewarded by an additional €500 from ESGCT and a trophy.

Nomination and Selection Process

Nominations for the ESGCT Awards must be submitted by two or more Members of the Society in writing to the ESGCT board no later than 24th August, 2012. Nomination letters should provide an overview of the candidate’s contributions to the field of gene therapy.

Nominations materials include:

  • Two or more nomination letters from Members of ESGCT (500 words or less)
  • Curriculum Vitae and Bibliography of nominee
  • PDF’s of the applicants two best papers

All nominations will be reviewed by the ESCGT Awards Selection Committee.

Sponsoring an award

Think you can help ESGCT and someone by sponsoring a award? To find out more please download the awards prospectus.