XXVI Congress

85 days

15 hours

56 mins

2016 Outstanding Achievement Award: Amit Nathwani

The European Society for Gene and Cell Therapy seeks to honour one eminent scientist each year who has made a significant and lasting contribution to the advancement of the field. The winner is competitively selected on the basis of quality and impact of their research career. We are delighted to award the 2016 prize to Professor Amit Nathwani 


2016 Young Investigator Award: Pietro Genovese

The ESGCT seeks to honour up to three young, upcoming scientist each year who have shown great promise and have already made a considerable contribution to the advancement of the field. The winners are competitively selected on the basis of quality, novelty and impact of their research career so far and their promise to go on to be eminent senior researchers.

In 2016 only one nominee was deemed of high enough calibre to receive the YIA and we are delighted to honour Pietro Genovese in this way.


ESGCT Awards of Excellence: the 10 highest scoring abstracts

Alessio Cantore, SR-Tiget, Milan

Pietro Giuseppe Mazzara, San Raffaele Scientific Institute , Milan

Margherita Norelli, San Raffaele University, Milan

Yein Nam, University of Manchester

Adele Mucci, RG Reprogramming and Gene Therapy, Cluster of Excellence REBIRTH, Hannover

Miriam Hetzel, Institute of Experimental Hematology, REBIRTH Cluster of Excellence, Hannover Medical School, Hannover

Nerea Zabaleta, CIMA, University of Navarra, Pamplona

Giulia Carola, IBUB, University of Barcelona

Fanny Collaud, Genethon, Evry

Saliha Majdoul, Genethon, Evry


The ESGCT Awards of Excellence are supported by the SFTCG, the SETGyC, and the DG-GT.