This week in gene and cell therapy - 16 November 2018

Gene and cell therapy headlines 12 - 16 November

MeiraGTx planning to launch trial of NIH developed gene therapy for Sjögren's syndrome

“significant improvements in liver biochemistry tests” in Gilead trial of gene therapy for liver condition

Encouraging results for NK cell cancer therapy in pre-clinical (Nkarta Therapeutics) and clinical studies (Fate Therapeutics)

DNAtrix and Valo Therapeutics (based on technology from Board Member Vincenzo Cerullo) announce a collaboration to develop enhanced onclytic viruses

UniQure achieves higher levels of factor IX in modified trial of gene therapy for haemophilia and prepares for phase 3

Gene therapy improves heart failure in mouse model

Celgene and Dragonfly Therapeutics announce partnership to develop NK cell therapies