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Special offer for individual speaker coaching for ESGCT members.

Dr. Paul Charlton, Guest Faculty - Deutsches Zentrum für Infektionsforschung (DZIF) Academy has very kindly offered to deliver free "speaker coaching" for online presentations such as job interviews, grant applications, PhD defences, conferences (online) etc to any ESGCT member.

Those of you who have taken part to our spring schools will have heard the wonderful presentation skills workshops he has delivered in his capacity as DZIF guest faculty.

You can find more information on this coaching on his flyer and you are welcome to contact him directly with a proof of  your ESGCT membership to book an appointment with him.

Every Wednesday at 14:00 CEST (13:00 in the UK)
live on our Youtube Channel


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Upcoming Talks

Series 3: The genetic payload

29 July 2020

Benjamin Kleinstiver
Center for Genomic Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston

Nucleases used for gene editing

Chair: Hildegard Büning, Hannover Medical School

Series 4: Safety aspects of gene therapy and gene editing

Series 5: Cancer gene therapy

Series 6: Cell therapy

Previous Talks

Series 1: Viral and non-viral vectors for gene therapy and gene editing

Wherever possible, the talks which have already taken place are available to view by following the links below.

6 May 2020  |  View Video
Gene therapy – From concept to proof
Hildegard Büning, Hannover Medical School 

13 May 2020  |  
Gamma retroviral vectors – the first gene delivery tools in human clinical trials – and their successors, lentiviral and alphaviral vector systems
Axel Schambach, Hannover Medical School
20 May 2020  |  View Video
How to teach enveloped vectors about cell entry targeting
Els Verhoeyen, University of Lyon ; University of Nice
27 May 2020  |  View Video
Adenoviral vectors – gene delivery tool, powerful weapon in cancer and beyond
Len Seymour, University of Oxford
3 June 2020  |  View Video
Adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors – to teach an old virus new tricks
Hildegard Büning, Hannover Medical School 
10 June 2020  |  View Video
The Sleeping Beauty transposon: a molecular parasite tamed for genome engineering
Zoltan Ivics, Paul Elrich Institute, Langen
17 June 2020  |  View Video
Synthetic vectors – to take the best from viruses and go beyond
Drew Weissman, University of Pennsylvania
24 June 2020  |  View Video
Learn from viruses to improve viral and non-viral vectors
Urs Greber, University of Zurich

e-School Series 1 Videos