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ESGCT launches Gene & Cell Therapy Community Heatmap

Research in gene and cell therapy is flourishing in Europe thanks to many world leading researchers, clinicians and manufacturers. As the community grows, ESGCT aims to promote awareness of all organisations in the field of gene and cell therapy and foster collaborations between them. Our new Gene & Cell Therapy Community Heatmap shows where in Europe different types of organisations are working on their own part of the effort to bring new treatments to the clinic. We hope this map will not only show the breadth, depth and geographical spread of gene and cell therapy research in Europe, but will also help you, our members, to keep track of everyone who is contributing to these fields, find out where to turn for advice on a particular technique, connect patients, researchers, clinicians and manufacturers and much more. The Gene & Cell Therapy Community Heatmap   can be found under the Useful Information section.