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Posizione da Bioinformatico (Bioinformatics Analyst, Scientist) al SR-Tiget, Milan, Italy

We are looking for a highly motivated bioinformatician to work at the San Raffaele Telethon Institute for Gene Therapy (SR-Tiget) in Milan, Italy, at the interface with the following research groups:

Alessio Cantore Unit (

Luigi Naldini Unit (

SR-Tiget has given a pioneering contribution to the field of gene and cell therapy with relevant discoveries in vector design, gene transfer and editing, stem cell biology, identity and mechanism of action of innate immune cells. SR-Tiget has also established the framework for translating these advances into experimental therapies and has implemented several successful gene therapy clinical trials which have already treated >130 patients and have led, through collaboration with industrial partners, to the filing and approval of advanced gene therapy medicines. SR-Tiget now comprises 15 Research Units, 5 Development Cores, 2 Clinical Units embedded within the San Raffaele hospital, with a total staff of >230 people from 10 different countries.


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