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The ESGCT Board is composed of researchers and clinicians representing a broad range of European Countries. Board members are elected by nomination and vote at the Annual General Meeting and are elected for 3 years.

Eligibility criteria

  • member of ESGCT for a minimum of 3, and preferably 5 years

  • primarily based in Europe or with substantive collaborations in Europe

  • substantive academic post

If you would like to apply to the ESGCT board


The application process is as follows

  1. What we need: A CV and either a letter of intent (if you nominate yourself) OR a supporting letter (if you nominate someone else) outlining the candidate's motivation and qualities, to be sent to us 1 month before the elections

  2. Key dates:

    Application deadline1 week prior to the AGM

    VotingDuring the AGM

    Results announcedDuring AGM

    Term3 years

  3. Election: Electronic election in which all current members are eligible to vote

  4. Outcome: We will announce the new Board members during the ESGCT AGM, and by email shortly after



If you are an active ESGCT member interested in helping us to grow the society and increase our influence on the European research stage you are encouraged to nominate yourself or another ESGCT member to join the ESGCT Board when positions become available. 

Each nomination will have to include a CV and a letter of intent or supporting letter outlining the candidate's motivation and what you feel the candidate would contribute to the Board. Nominations need to be submitted to the ESGCT office in writing.

The election will be conducted by an online vote in which only active ESGCT members eligible to take part. Voting instructions will be sent to active ESGCT members including any deadlines, results will be announced in the Annual General Meeting and published on the website and social media afterwards.

Please see below for more information on the roles of the Board, including a video of Board members talking about their experience.

What it means to join the Board of ESGCT

As an ESGCT Board member you play an integral part in shaping the Society and the field of gene and cell therapy. The Board consists of 10 scientists from across Europe who work in the field of gene and cell therapy and 1-2 student Board members. You can see the current Board here.

The main tasks of Board members are:

  • Building the programme for the Annual Congress and Spring School

  • Building and maintaining relationships with societies, institutes, companies and individuals

  • Contributing to meeting fundraising

  • Contributing to our blog and forum

Have a look at what our current and past Board members have to say about their experience: Vincenzo Cerullo says: "Apply now, not tomorrow"



Will being on the ESGCT Board take up all of my time?

No. ESGCT needs your input and creativity to build on our track record of great Annual Congresses, initiatives to foster collaboration, support early career researchers and promote diversity, and promoting fundamental and clinical research in gene therapy and cell therapy generally. The Board meets at least twice a year, usually at the Annual Congress and the Spring School. In addition to preparing and attending these meetings, Board members are expected to take part in decision making by conference call or email. For a full overview of the Board's responsibilities, see the Constitution. The Board is supported by the ESGCT Office, powered by WATS.ON Ltd.

Do I need 5 Nature papers to apply to be on the Board?

No. The Board consists of 10 eminent scientists actively working in the field of gene and/or cell therapy. However, there are no requirements regarding the exact stage of Board members careers or their publication record.

Will I enjoy being on the Board?

We think so! You will have the opportunity the help shape the future of gene and cell therapy in Europe and work with other people who have a vision about this. ESGCT is a very warm and welcoming environment where you will feel supported in your work for the Board.

What will I get out of being on the Board?

As an ESGCT Board member you will have your voice heard. You will meet and work alongside other leaders in the field and have the experience of working with others outside of your own institution and immediate research topic.

...for any other questions, please contact us for an informal chat.

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