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ESGCT seeks to support scientists and clinicians working in the fields of gene and cell therapy and to promote awareness and understanding of gene and cell therapy and the vast amount of related research in Europe.

For the past 30 years, the society has seen many developments in gene and cell therapy. The development of new and improved delivery vectors and advances in genome engineering have opened up new possibilities. The knowledge gained through clinical trials and long-term follow up of patients has contributed not only to the fields of gene and cell therapy, but also to the wider medical and life sciences. With these developments, more potential applications of gene and cell therapy and more elegant and life-changing treatments than ever before are within our grasp. With these possibilities come challenges both for the field and the wider society as treatments need to make the transition from lab bench to patient bedside and ethical questions need to be answered.

Through its activities ESGCT seeks to stimulate further exchange of scientific knowledge and expertise, as well as promote collaboration between and within clinics, academic research and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Furthermore, ESGCT is committed to the training and support of young investigators entering the field and to facilitate an informed dialogue between the scientific community, policy makers and society as a whole.

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