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TERMS & CONDITIONS: purchasing membership with ESGCT
Members must be 18 years old or older.
Applications for membership are received by the Society in good faith. Each application and any related membership subscription will be acknowledged by the Society on completion of the online process.
Membership benefits are available as soon as membership registration and payment has taken place.
Society members benefit from a lower fee to the annual meeting. An active and paid membership must be in place in order to be able to register to the annual meeting at the lower member congress rate.
ESGCT membership runs on a calendar year, ie 1st January – 31st December. Membership lasts from the day it is taken out until the 31st December, regardless of date of purchase.
Usually, refunds are not given; requests can be sent to
Membership fees and benefits are subject to change at no notice, and can be viewed on our membership page
. By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, you agree to the membership benefits as outlined on the membership page. 
Payment is accepted by card only and can be made online using our partnered payment processing gateway STRIPE. ESGCT do not capture or store any of your financial or payment information.
Your membership purchase and payment will be acknowledged by an automated emailed to the email address in your profile. Your invoice will be attached to the membership confirmation email.
Members are invited to attend the annual AGM during the ESGCT Annual Congress. During this AGM members will be allowed to vote on society issues raised during the AGM.
Members are also eligible to stand for election to the Board; elections are scheduled as announced in society emails.
Data Sharing
The ESGCT partners with Human Gene Therapy Journals as its publishing journal for its Annual Congress abstracts. Please note that as part of your ESGCT membership and acceptance of these conditions, you agree to your data to be shared with Human Gene Therapy. Please note they will not be using your details for marketing purposes but may contact you by email to opt in to receiving such emails, which you may decline or accept.
Please note that Human Gene Therapy is based in the US, which requires us to transfer your profile data outside of the EU without the adequate protections in place as stipulated by EU data protection regulations. In this instance;

  • Human Gene Therapy agrees to ESGCT’s requirements regarding data protection

  • No unnecessary data will be shared

  • Data will be transferred securely

For further details about our data protection procedure, please see our Privacy Policy.

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