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Outstanding achievement award

Adrian Thrasher

For his wide-ranging achievements in gene and cell therapy for immunodeficiencies, including X linked SCID and Wiskott Aldrich syndrome. Dr Thrasher is Professor of Paediatric Immunology at University College London/Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Watch his interview below

Young Investigator Awards

Richard Gabriel, Bernard Gentner, Angelo Lombardo and Axel Schambach

In 2011, there were an uncommonly high number of high calibre applicants for the YIA and it was awarded to four people (left to right): Richard Gabriel (now Head of Project Management at GeneWerk), Bernhard Gentner (now a Clinical Group Leader at SR-TIGET and the San Raffaele Hospital, Milan), Angelo Lombardo (now a Group Leader at SR-TIGET, Milan) and Axel Schambach (now a PI at Hannover Medical School).

Listen to Axel talk about his research below


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