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2023 ERC funded pre-doctoral position available in Auricchio’s Lab, TIGEM, Naples

Where: The workplace is the Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine,

located in Pozzuoli, Naples, Italy. More info

When: The position is now available.

What: We are looking for a highly-motivated candidate that will be working

in a diverse and collaborative research environment. The Pre-doctoral

candidate will be involved in exciting projects that aim to develop innovative

genome editing strategies for the treatment of genetically inherited retinal

and metabolic diseases using viral (AAV) and non-viral delivery methods.

Salary: The salary will be discussed privately with the applicant, based on

their previous experience.

The position will be funded thanks to a 5-years Advanced ERC research


Essentials: Pre-doctoral candidates should have a master’s degree in biology

or a related discipline and preferably background and mastering of basic

molecular and cell biology techniques (PCR, cloning, RT-PCR, western-blot,

cell culture, transfection). Experience in lab animal handling is a plus.


TIGEM does not discriminate based on sex, race, gender orientation,

sexuality, or disability. The selection committee for this role encourages

applicants from all backgrounds and will consider all applications equally

irrespective of the aforementioned characteristics.

How to apply: In order to submit your application, please send an email with

your contact, CV and a motivational letter to


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