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Milano 29 January to 1 February

See photos from this year's Academy below...

ESGCT is committed to the training and support of students and early career researchers, and as part of this remit, we have launched a new initiative - The ESGCT Academy. In contrast to our Spring School, which is an advanced lecture course, the ESGCT Academy is your turn to present. Each Academy is dedicated to a distinct topic, and students undertaking a related PhD project are eligible to attend. During this 3-day workshop, students will present their projects and receive advice and feedback from their fellow students and leading experts in the field, in a relaxed and supportive environment. Our experts will be present during the whole workshop to offer their advice and share their expertise, as well as present their own work. 

The workshop has provided the opportunity to hear first-hand experiences from key opinion leaders in the field of lentiviral vectors as SR-Tiget pioneered the development of this type of vector platform, which is now one of the most widely employed tools in biomedical research.

SR-Tiget is a multi-disciplinary research environment with a unique blend of scientific expertise in the development of innovative gene and cell therapy strategies, access to relevant preclinical models to evaluate their efficacy and safety, as well as competence in conducting early phase clinical trials. This ecosystem makes SR-Tiget a unique place for students to experience the entire pipeline of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product development. The Academy also included the chance to see 'behind the scenes' with visits to the SR-Tiget academic Lentiviral Vector Production Core and to the SR-Tiget Clinical Research Unit within Ospedale San Raffaele where gene therapies developed in the Institute are translated into clinical protocols and delivered to patients.

Download this year's programme here:


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