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The COVID-19 Pandemic: Images from a "SPELL" on America

Daniel Lucey, O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health

Law, Washington DC

Daniel Lucey is an Infectious Disease physician who specializes in epidemics. He has gone overseas each year since 2003 e.g., SARS, H5N1 flu, MERS, Ebola, Zika, Yellow Fever, and plague. Feb. 11 he went on a trip to Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Cairo for COVID. Since January 6 he has written over 20 updates on COVID-19 on the "Science Speaks" website of the Infectious Disease Society of America where he is a Fellow and member of their Global Health Committee. In August, 2014 he proposed an Exhibition on Epidemics to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History involving many of the above epidemics that come from animals, as did COVID-19. It is open 2018-2021. A traveling version has been translated into 5 languages and shown in over 130 locations in 30 nations.


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