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TERMS & CONDITIONS: Event Registration

Introduction and Terminology
Within the terms and conditions, the following terms refer to:
Society = European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ESGCT)
Congress/Event = Spring School 2024, Budapest, Hungary
Partner Societies = None
Currency: € EURO

Data Sharing
By registering to the Event, you agree that we may share your personal data, and any other information you submit in the registration process with:

  • All Society board members

  • All staff of Lumina Partners Europe Ltd. (Lumina) and any relevant subcontractors (the event Organiser)

  • Congress Partner Societies' board members or staff

  • Congress sub-committees and local organising committees

  • Third-party subcontractors when we do not have the in-house capacity required for certain functions (such as graphic design and printing)

The delegate list and any information or data included in the delegate list cannot be shared with any third parties; the delegate list is for the use of Event delegates only.
For further information about our data protection procedures please see the ESGCT Privacy Policy or email us at
Booking and Cancellation
The Spring School is only accessible to fully paid society student members who have not attended the Spring School previously. An active and paid membership must be in place in order to be able to register to the Event.

Upon completion of the online registration process, an automated confirmation will be emailed to confirm your booking. Should you not be able to attend once you have booked your place, please let us know ASAP so that we can offer your place to someone else on the waiting list.

Photography, filming and social media
Scientific data presented at the Event is strictly CONFIDENTIAL. Recording/filming sessions and presentations is forbidden. 

ESGCT may use written quotations submitted by you on the event Feedback forms in future marketing/promotional material. We will not identify you by name unless you give permission.

ESGCT may take photos and/or film parts of the Spring School (excluding scientific data, unless specific consent has been given). We post the photos on Flickr, and ESGCT, the partner societies, and Lumina may use the resulting photos and films on their websites and social medial accounts, and occasionally for online and printed marketing materials. If you would like us to remove an image, please contact us at

ESGCT Materials
All materials (online and printed), images, photographs and films which are produced by, or on behalf of, ESGCT, are the property of ESGCT, and should not be reproduced without written permission. If publication rights are required for any reason an email should be sent to that outlines the use and reason for using such data. All information on the site is believed to be correct at the time of publishing by ESGCT.

ESGCT may use written quotations submitted on event Feedback forms in future marketing/promotional material. Quotations and event feedback will remain anonymous, unless specific consent has been received.
Some of the ESGCT website content links to, or is derived from, third-party websites; ESGCT cannot be held responsible for incorrect content on these sites, and users are advised to check the privacy, cookie, and other policies of these sites.
We will contact you with information regarding your registration, the event you registered for, the event survey and certificate, and any associated items in relation to the event or the event programme.
Any other communication you receive from ESGCT, including marketing communications, will be based on the preferences you stipulate in ‘My Communication Preferences’ in your online account.
ESGCT and the Event Third-Party Partners shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, injury or damage incurred by any participants or third-parties in any way connected to the Event, whatever the cause may be, unless such loss or damage is caused by the intent or the wilful negligence on the part of the Event or its management personnel. Normal caution should be exercised by all participants and ESGCT recommends individuals invest in adequate personal, health and travel insurance. 

In the event of fire, flood or without limit other causes that ESGCT reasonably believe to be substantial or that are beyond their control, ESGCT and its Third-Party Partners reserve the right to change the times and dates of the Event, without incurring any liability.
ESGCT reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to amend or cancel sessions or events at the Event at any time. 

In the event of inappropriate behaviour by any delegate in the view of the ESGCT or its Third-Party Partners, the delegate may have their access to the Event removed and be refused entry without refund or compensation. 

Delegates may be asked to undergo reasonable security searches at the Event venue.
We have a separate Privacy Policy in place.

International data transfers
Please note that some partner societies may be based in the US and may require us to transfer your personal data outside of the EU, without the adequate protections in place as stipulated by EU data protection regulations. In this instance:

  • the partner societies agree to the Society’s requirements regarding data protection

  • No unnecessary data will be shared

  • Data will be transferred securely.

ESGCT reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

By registering to the event, you accept these terms and conditions.
These terms and conditions were updated on 12/01/2024.

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