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Outstanding achievement award

Thierry VandenDriessche

In recognition of his achievements in developing and improving gene therapy technology. Professor VandenDriessche is Professor in Medicine at the Free University of Brussels and the University of Leuven, Director of The Department of Gene Therapy & Regenerative Medicine at the Free University of Brussels and a Past President of ESGCT.

Young Investigator Awards

Cynthia Bartholomae, Rachael Pearson and Randy Chandler

In 2012, three Young Investigator awards were awarded, to Cynthia Bartholomae (left, now Senior Project Manager at GeneWerk), Rachael Pearson (middle, now Professor of Developmental Neuroscience at University College London) and Randy Chandler (right, now an Associate Clinical Investigator at the National Institute of Health, Bethesda).

Listen to Randy talk about his research below


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